Think WhyNot Films (formerly Twist Studio) delivers the full gamut of video production services with the help of focused in-house talent & partnerships with key service providers. Storyboarding, scriptwriting & directing a brand or product video, or seeding a strategy for a sharp business presentation or maybe a viral video, to creating an internal communications strategy, we excel at each of the services we provide.



They are everywhere…on TV, on Radio, in cinema halls, and on internet. Some surprise us, some enlighten us, some make us laugh, and some touch our core. Whatever they do, they give us something to think about and possibly talk about.
We benefit from our agencies’ thinking in the ATL & BTL space. Our Directors work very closely with the client’s vision whilst ensuring that the creative purity of the project is kept intact.
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Live Action

Fun with Live Action began the day pictures begun moving! With time, film technology evolved and imagination became the only limiting factor.
We work as per the vision of the project and bring in the suitable faculties together. From shooting in the real world with actors, props, art, film crew and the effects done in post-production, we conclude the project turn-key.
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Motion Graphics

Your story gets a unique twist with moving images and techniques like animation, CGI and cinematography. Motion graphics combine both visual and auditory stimuli, making your video more engaging and memorable for your audiences.
With our motion graphic experts who take pleasure in exploring new trends and techniques, we are perfectly placed to deliver the best suited motion design work for every type of production, right from full-fledged commercials to simple online videos.
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Think your product or concept is difficult to explain through a traditional video? Then why not make a compelling case with an animation video?
A creative and engaging way to tell stories, depict products and explain concepts, animation can leave a lasting impression on the audience. Our animation capabilities range from photo-realistic CG to 3D modeling, and from hand drawn to stop-motion. We can get a professional voice over artist rendering the narration on a custom-made tune/music.
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Corporate Video

This is an excellent platform to present your brand and offerings, and put forth your company values and ideals. Meetings with your clients need no longer be dull and boring; keep them engrossed with an Audio Visual that is stimulating, meaningful, and serving the end purpose.
With Corporate Videos being one of our core areas of expertise, we, at Twist Studio, make it a point to understand the clients’ vision and purpose, before delivering it in the best way possible.
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These are online commercials, specifically designed to grab the net surfer’s attention and get them to make an enquiry or purchase. Promotional videos draw eye-balls more easily than banners with written text or static images. They have proven to increase click through, customer engagement, and conversion rates.
If you are promoting your latest product offering, or a new start-up business, we can produce promotional videos that can ensure that your product or service gets the deserved attention and recall value.
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Product Video

Think your product has enough potential…but not enough customers? A smart & lucid product video can do the trick. Product videos make information easier to digest and are a great way to explain the features/highlights of your product/service.
So it’s time to give your sales person a break and let your videos do most of the talking. From presenter-based info graphic videos to dynamic CG walk-through to macro-film shoots, we create clear, concise and effective films to suit your product.
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Get a protagonist and a few supporting characters and the storytelling possibly becomes more convincing. Whether it’s about Character animation with suitable voices or mirroring a real life character for a live action project, we aim at the final result to be smart and slick, packed with substance and style.
From designing brand new, impactful, true-to-life characters to working with existing ones, we can bring alive your brand/product/service communication, as per your need.
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Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos, the latest buzzword, are those short and engaging online videos that you find on increasing number of company websites. Typically 60-90 seconds long, these videos explain and promote a company, or its products or services. The most popular ones out there use simple animated screenshots or impactful kinetic typography.
Strike the right cord with your audience on their first visit! Want to create a crisp and high-impact explainer video? Call us.
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High End Presentation

Do presentations make you go zzzzzzzz? The never-ending series of dull slides challenge your ability to pay attention? Presentations can be defining moments! Be it for launching a new product or presenting a sales strategy each presentation must pack a punch!
Our creative team can help you get an impactful presentation done. With the right visuals and right text placement, you can communicate strongly and help your audience ‘get it’ right the first time.
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Next time you watch a video ad, watch a muted version. Chances are that you still recall the music and feel it. Music has this quality to linger, making it memorable for the audience.
In your Audio-Visuals or commercials, you can elicit the desired emotional response from your viewer with some great music. We deliver the right notes, helping you connect with your audience strongly, and leave a lasting impression on their minds.
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Infographics are powerful tools that can be used to present huge amounts of information in an easy-to-understand and quick manner. It involves use of signs, symbols, fast paced motion graphics and creative typography, to convey information in an engaging and memorable way.
So, if you have complex data to present, replete with presumptions, observations, statistics and graphs yet want your presentation to speak volumes, then Infographics is the ideal choice to make.
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