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Think WhyNot Films (formerly Twist Studio) is an award winning films production agency with a wide array of services for corporate clients.
Donning myriad roles, we love to stay adaptable, prompt & unique.
Demand from us creative solutions for any kind of business, industry or purpose.

Thanks to our years of adventurous exploits, you will be delighted with the customized solutions
we bring to the table.
Count on our wicked ability to bring a Twist in your tale.

Recent Projects


Character Animation Commercials
Think WhyNot Films (formerly Twist Studio) delivers the full gamut of video production services with the help of focused in-house talent & partnerships with key service providers. Storyboarding, scriptwriting & directing a brand or product video…


Across the table

“Quando a Roma, fai come i romani”
“When in Rome, do as the Romans do “Think WhyNot Films (formerly Twist Studio) strongly believes in this adage and befits its solutions and processes to suit all sitting on the other side of the table. With a sharp focus on building video solutions for our corporate clients, project by project, a deeper understanding of each business function’s unique sophistication & requirements has been built. Think WhyNot Films caters to its client’s diverse needs with a great detail to attention.
Read on to know how we go about doing this.

Rewards and Recognition

Employees need a little nudge and pep talk all the time. If it’s a contest, they need to be told what’s in it for them – what’s the prize, what’s the glory! And when they actually crack the figures for you, make them feel on top of the world…so that fellow employees soon follow suit.
Planning a motivational video for the upcoming sales contest or a felicitation video to bowl over the grand prize winners…tell us. We know how it’s done.
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Marketing Communications

Digital Marketing has spiced up the stimulating world of Product Marketing, Services Marketing and Channel Marketing. With the ever expanding list of mediums to communicate with the customer, marketing function continues to build sharper focus for each medium.
Think WhyNot Films assists the Marketing function to deliver fitting tactical videos & presentations. Our creative team works as per the purpose of the brief without getting constrained by the medium they are dealing with.
Let us help you effectively communicate with your specific target audience.


In the age of “Wow!” communications, it’s important to make your sales presentation sharp and focused. The only thing that will help achieve the sales objectives is building credibility and motivating the audience.
Be it sales presentations or motivational/inspirational videos, Think WhyNot Films makes sure your videos are anti-boring whilst staying informative. We are experienced at balancing hard data and persuasion into audiovisuals that are creative within the guidelines of your organization’s culture and style.
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Product launches are exciting. Months of energy goes into creating a product that will enable Sales to make a breakthrough. Now positioning & presentation is all that things will boil down to!
Think WhyNot Films can support your product marketing plan by making apt videos. Important aspects like technical, social, legal & regulatory, distribution and social are taken into consideration before we script out your product film.
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Human Resources

Human Resource is the best function capable of exhibiting a strong human touch. It is no mean task keeping otherwise pre-occupied employees well versed with the companies values, culture, policies and goals.
Deliberating on this complexity, Think WhyNot Films builds its solutions for Human Resources in the form of engaging audio visuals, films and presentations.
Allow us to listen to your challenges and then present you with solutions that give a warm feeling.


How would $150 million of sales in the first 100 days of introducing a new product sound? Sweet indeed! Apple’s iconic Macintosh ‘1984’ ad created an indelible brand image and rocketed sales to an unprecedented high.
As the clutter increases in every available media, Think WhyNot Films can help you make most of the digital media, radio or TV, by delivering brand films, radio spots, audio visuals or high-end presentations.
Let’s break through the crowd and get your brand to shine through.


It is said that we remember 20% of what we ‘hear’, and 50% of what we ‘see and hear’. Visual aids have been a part of learning and development right from the age when humans could draw.
Think WhyNot Films produces training videos with a focus to not just fire-up the audience interest but ensure that the end-purpose is accomplished.
Allow us to help you make your training man-hours worth every minute.

Public Relations

In today’s world, perception plays an even bigger role. A power packed PR film is the perfect instrument to showcase one’s brand and influence a large audience.
Think WhyNot Films helps present your brand to the world through dynamic and appealing PR films that are set to engaging music, and display your flagship products, services or achievements.
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Corporate Communication

Any great corporate communication documentary/short film has astute traces of its brand, organizational identity & reputation and a mix of internal & external stakeholders. There possibly couldn’t be any other role that encompasses such diverse & complex facets.
Think WhyNot Films understands the intricate needs of a corporate communication project and has produced some highly tactical and convincing videos & presentations.
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Creating a positive impact on the environment, consumers, employees, communities and stakeholders isn’t a simple task. However once a significant achievement is made, it must be communicated to the right audiences to get spread the good word.
Think WhyNot Films delivers solutions which match the core purpose of the CSR teams in building communication solutions which act the right conduit to spread the good word.
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